How to Make a Beer Keg Tap


Beer taps are mostly made from plastic or glass. Although, bars still use the old fashioned style beer taps. Which is made from wood. Rural initiatives are placing money into trucking companies to make it possible to clean up fallen tress from local areas for small businesses. Four or five trees on a truck are hauled to the mill where they are cut into shape that usually takes a whole day. Commonly, the size of the tap handle is two inch by two inch but it really depends on the keg tap being made. Let’s do the math. Example, the average tree fall has a three foot diameter. It can be cut into eighteen sections. That gives you how many tap handles if there trees are cut down into two by two inches by one foot sections?

The total area of the supposed tree us 1,018 inched, area equals pie times the radius squared. Do not forget that the measurements should be uniform. If you decide to make one inch by one inch, do so, but do the math right. If the area is 1,081 inches that means 254 handles can fit in one section of the tree. That means in an 18 foot tree, 18 sections would give 4,581 tap handles just from one tree. For a four or five truck load, you can make 22,905 tap handles. That’s a pretty good day. Check out this website at for more facts about beer keg.

After being cut into shape, they are sent to the tap handles manufacturer. This is not your ordinary operating procedure like other manufacturers of beer tap handles.

There is a software here that they use to allow the manufacturers to keep track of the beer keg tap handle on the computer that shows a complete mock up before it goes to the floor. Some have a software that utilizes the cuts and trims to make it more unique. However, many old school manufacturers put the wood through a series of calculations before cutting them down to size. And just trim off the excess. It will then be ran through a lathe to get it into shape.

Then, painted and lacquered to shine. The last stage is putting labels on each handle. The detailed process always include embedding the label. Only a highly skilled woodworker can create a high quality work. Although, there are ways to make a beer keg tap which technology has already built, making it the old fashioned way makes good craftsmanship, click here to purchase one today!


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